Voluptuous tits, luscious behind
not for the man with skinny on his mind.

Hi...  My name is Ebonique.   

I am a mature cougar, 5' 3 150 lbs,dress size 12 (44F). A pleasingly plump 42 inch hips for the true connoisseurs of VOLUPTUOUS BEAUTY. 

Ebonique is a cosmic woman for the new millennium, a New Age professional of the future. A serious student of metaphysics, you will find her very knowledgeable in many New Age subjects such as; astrology, dream interpretation, tarot, past lives, spirit guides, and healing by massage. 

Ebonique's hobbies are varied with sports, books, music, and chess. Of course an entertaining evening of either one of these interests, combined with fine dining, and a blockbuster movie, would make her purr like a kitten. 

I have an ability to predict the future, but live totally in the present. I never feel compelled to be grasping, controlling, or manipulative in order to live my life to the fullest. 

My heart is very kind and this is one of my most endearing qualities, I have learned how to feel, to nurture, and to heal.  

Being a cosmic woman, means being a master communicator, with words, gestures, and a soft touch I instill a quality of openness, warmth, and an intelligence that assures me I have made real contact.  

My mind is liberated and I am true to it, my tears are genuine, my laughter comes from the heart, and my anger is truly bona fide. I project instant love and acceptance, and reactions to me are either positive or negative. 

Those who seek to be loved, and to experience true warmth, and caring will call me back time and time again. Those who pity themselves, and seek to complicate their lives (and mine) will find it very difficult to be around me.

For those more intimate encounters , Ebonique understands  total fascination with  the object of your desire, and well laid plans for slow,  seductive arousal in an atmosphere where all your inhibitions are peeled away layer by layer, and the temperature slowly rises.  

Fondling, nipping, kneading, possessing and shouting are all my idea of a good time with repetitive powers a GREAT time.


"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."-----Carl W. Buechner



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